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Doctor Helgo Schomer


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After decades spent in academia and private practice, Dr. Helgo Schomer now focuses squarely on sharing his knowledge and insights with the public. His engaging motivational talks range from how to handle the daily stress and strain of life, to persuasive communication, to health behaviour modification. He has even been known to tackle the perplexing topic of "the meaning of life"! Talks can be tailor made on any psychological topic of interest, whether that means speaking to matriculants on how to get through that last critical year of school intact or to high-flying entrepreneurs on how to stay motivated and productive even during the lean years or to sports enthusiasts on how to get the mind to work in tune with the body. Dr. Schomer delivers his talks in a clear, easy to understand way, using humour to highlight important points. His practical messages are conveyed in an energetic, engaging and sometimes even daring way.

Dr. Schomer can be heard on several radio stations including SAfm, 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702. If you have any questions, queries, ideas or requests, don't hesitate to phone in!

"I like my talks to make people feel alive. I want to light up people's brains. I like to look at things from all angles. I like to go lateral. Sometimes I even like to shock a little. What I want to get across in my talks is that knowledge is not static, it constantly evolves, changes, grows and sometimes collapses back to the very basics. Knowledge is alive. When we understand that knowledge is organic, we get closer to the amazing mystery of our lives and that very realization brings about the hunger to know even more, though it's sometimes challenging and arduous to come to a better understanding of life."   Dr. Helgo Schomer

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