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By Dr Helgo Schomer

Motivational Speaking: Features


How to stay Calm in an Overwhelming World
Stress affects everybody. We cannot wish it away but we can learn how to competently manage it. This talk examines the concepts and causes of stress, why some stress is good, why too much is bad, what it does to our health and mind, how it can erode our productivity, but most importantly, how to create a coping style to help you better manage everyday stressors


Human beings are fundamentally social creatures. We talk to each other, A LOT. Words have different meanings to different people, so many messages can get lost or be misunderstood. This talk looks at the various ways communication can go wrong and how to prevent that from happening. Learn how to communicate effectively and persuasively to facilitate a clearer understanding of yourself and others


The basis for effective leadership is knowing what your own personal leadership style is and how to adapt it to the person or team you're leading in order to be most effective. This talk explores individual leadership styles, explains perceived strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage, and teaches how to promote confidence.


Any psychological topic of interest can be tailor made into a motivational presentation of your choice.

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