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Dr. Schomer's desire to be an eternal student led him to study at several universities, picking up a BA, BA (Hons) and an MA before earning his PhD in Psychology at the University of Cape Town. Soon afterwards he became a Senior Academic at UCT. His teaching and research career spanned 30 years and his classes became so popular he was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award in 2004. Dr. Schomer has authored over 200 journal articles, research reports and conference papers and he has conducted over 4000 lectures, seminars, motivational talks and workshops.

Alongside his career in academia he built a private practice specializing in Health Behaviour Modification and Crisis & Trauma Intervention. He has counselled burnt-out professionals, elite athletes, overburned caregivers and struggling families, helping to anchor and stabilize individuals looking for balance and improved health.

Although he still guest lectures at several instituions and regularly contributes to magazine articles, radio and TV programmes, he now focuses on motivational speaking and individual life mentoring.

Dr Schomer & Associates have also created a new consultancy where life issues of health, relationships, and faith receive the attention of two professionals, male and female, Dr Schomer & Dr Schomer, to come to powerful solutions.

Career Highlights:

University of Cape Town Distinguished Teacher

Director of the Mind Matters Consultancy: Dr. Schomer & Associates

Golden Key International Society Honorary Member

Past Radio Shrink on the Redi Thlabi Show Talk Radio 702/567 Cape Talk

Founder and Past Chairperson of the Division of Health Psychology of PsySSA

Past SA College of Applied Psychology Academic Board Member

Retired Psychologist


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